Why Choose Lake District and Cumbria Wedding Photography

We have seen evolution and revolution in technology, in style and many changes in the way Weddings are captured.

Many years ago when Steve photographed his first wedding, free of charge for a friend, wedding photography was a formula, 2 rolls of film for any given wedding and follow a formula, line up, say cheese, don’t move… It was so boring with little or no creativity. Wedding Albums were just as boring as well. So I never picked up my camera to shoot a wedding again until the digital revolution in wedding photography hit us.

I studied photography at Kendal College where I achieved a Distinction. I enrolled in training classes from world renowned Wedding Photographers. I purchased every DVD on Wedding Photography I could find. The Instructor at the College once asked us “ Why do you want to be a photographer?”  The class answered more or less in the same way ; “I want to be a Commercial and Advertising Photographer, I want to be an Illustrative Photographer, I want to be a Landscape Photographer etc.  Actually no one said “I want to be a Wedding Photographer” and yet I knew that all I wanted to be was a Wedding and Portrait Photographer.  I wanted to work with people and photograph them. I said I wanted to be the best Wedding Photographer in Cumbria! I achieved Licentiate status with The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers in my first year and have since won a number of Golds and Highly Commended awards.

I can’t imagine anything better than photographing people and making them feel and look very special, all I ever wanted to do was learn the correct techniques, how to paint with light, how to compose and crop an image to create maximum impact, how to retouch to enhance rather than obliterate, processing in both colour and black and white and creating photographic art.

Today I am still like a kid in a sweet shop at every wedding I capture, the excitement has never gone away, each wedding is a blank canvas for me to paint with the day’s inspiration, each wedding and portrait shoot feels like it is the first time and I get equally excited  each and every time.

“I am Portrait Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Landscape Photographer all within any five minutes of a wedding day, no stylists, no test shots, no redo’s, shoot and get it RIGHT frame after frame !”

Art… Wedding photography is truly an art form.  For the passionate photographer, each event will be captured completely differently to the one before and the next one.

If we line up 10 artists, each with a blank canvas, a set of brushes and some paint and ask them to draw and paint a tree, we will see 10 completely different results, this is also true of a professional photographer, each of us will look, see and capture in our own signature way and it is up to the client to relate to a style that talks to their hearts.  Times have certainly moved on and so has technology, the marketplace and the typical questions from Brides and Grooms.


I know that with digital technology, anyone who buys a camera can shoot hundreds of frames and have a few reasonably good shots, pleasing shots, but does this make them a professional wedding photographer?  Do they know anything about seeing light, painting with light, shooting in any condition, posing for best aesthetic results ?  Can they then edit, retouch and finish an image before it is printed?  Have they received any professional training, do they belong to a professional association or body like our Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers in the UK?

So what I am saying? It is important to differentiate a Professional from someone who just wants to earn a bit of pocket money from the weekend.  If you just want someone who takes snaps and delivers hundreds or thousands of images that have not been properly processed that is clearly your choice.  I am not that kind of wedding photographer.

Professional photography is way beyond the click, it is about a vision and how that artist wants to transform that vision into a photograph to tell the story captured in any moment of life.  A professional takes full ownership of the entire process and not just the click of a button!

A Professional Wedding Photographer will offer superb Wedding Albums.

I love technology today and what it has offered to our fingertips, but, nothing can yet compare to buying a fine Art, admire the high quality of finished images, the perfect colours, the perfect composition, the wonderful feel of the fine paper it is printed on, the cover, the weight of it all, the feel.

Art is Art and will stay timeless.  I strongly believe that a beautifully crafted album containing stunning images that have been perfected and tell a wonderful story will always be like owning Fine Art and will be an heirloom for many generations.

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