Cool Wedding Info For The Bride

We have written this Cool Wedding Info For The Bride to help with your Wedding preparation.  Several years experience of photographing Weddings have taught us quite a bit about what works for the Bride and allows a stress free wedding day. Whilst our main focus is capturing the full story of the day we also want to do our bit in making sure you are not stressed out before the Wedding Ceremony. So we hope we are not being too forward in offering some information on how to avoid those situations where other factors start to spoil your day.



We have attended a number of weddings where the timing for Wedding Hair and Make Up has gone disastrously wrong leaving the Bride in a total stressed state. Whatever time you have booked for the Wedding Ceremony it is advisable to tell the Wedding Hair/Make Up Artist that you need to be ready 2 hours before.  This will give you time to relax, have some beautiful photographs taken and meet with the Registrar before the actual Wedding Ceremony. Most professional Wedding Make Up Artists will know that matt make up works best for your wedding photography but it is as well to check this out with your selected Artist before the wedding day. If you can afford the cost it also is beneficial that your Bridesmaids and female Family members have their Wedding Hair and Make Up done in a separate room. Occasionally we have come across Wedding Hair/Make Up Artists who think they can work right up until the time you have to dash off to see the Registrar. Professional Artists will know they need to have finished and left long before then.



The best photographs of your wedding dress are those with you in it! We do however normally photograph the wedding dress, wedding shoes and jewellery separately whilst you are getting ready. To show off a wedding dress to its best it works well if you have a good smart hangar and somewhere it can be hung freely. All the better if that can be where natural light is filtering into the room.



In nearly every wedding we photograph when we walk into the room where Wedding Hair and Make Up is taking place it looks like a bomb has been dropped. This does not matter too much when we photograph the documentary style images. We do however like to have a tidy up before we take those really important shots of you, the Bride, before you set off for the Wedding Ceremony. We usually find ourselves moving furniture and de-cluttering the bed, shelves floor etc. This time with you is very important as everything, your hair, your make up, your dress is pristine. We do not want to spoil that with unwanted items in the background.



This can be quite stressful for the Bride, the Brides Mum, the Bridesmaids or anyone else you have organised to help. Quite often no one seems to know how to tie up the wedding dress or how to fit it properly. Our advice is this. On your final fitting do not let the Bridal shop dress you. Whoever is going to do it for you on the wedding day is who you need to be with you on the day of the final fitting. Keep trying it at the Bridal shop until you have perfected the technique. This will save you a lot of stress on the wedding day, believe us! We have seen more than one Bride reduced to tears as time ticks by and the tension builds whilst struggling to get the Wedding Dress fitted correctly.



Because so much is going on it is always better, if you have children or pets, to arrange for someone else to look after them whilst you are getting ready. Brides can easily underestimate how time consuming and stressful it can be if you are trying to concentrate on getting ready whilst children or pets vie for your attention.



It is always better to remove these before the wedding day. It is one less thing to concern yourself with.



For us the most important thing is that you are stress free, enjoy every moment of the wedding day and are able to remember all that happened. This will always show on your wedding photographs. This is your Special Day, one to cherish with your Groom, Parents and Friends. Allowing enough time to get ready is absolutely key to achieving that. The day will pass like it was just a moment. If you are totally relaxed the day will be a huge success and the images we record will help you in years to come to bring all that back to mind.

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