Lake District Wedding Photography & Videography

At Lake District Wedding Photography & Videography our main concern is you!  Some say that you cannot go wrong with Wedding Photography in The Lake District and Scotland. After all the beautiful landscape creates a perfect background for romantic images.

Some people would be wrong though! Imagine giving a selection of mouth watering ingredients to a completely novice cook and asking them to create a culinary masterpiece. It is unlikely you will get what you wanted.

As Lake District Wedding Photographers we have invested heavily in training from some of the worlds best wedding photographers and also in the highest quality camera equipment.

For any wedding we take along three camera bodies, two are Nikon D3s bodies and the third is a Nikon D810. We use the D810 for the intimate photographs of the Bride before the Ceremony and the Bride and Groom on their own together. For the technically minded this is a 36M pixel camera. The other cameras are used for all the documentary images from the day. Along with a selection of professional Nikon lenses they all give outstanding results.

Of course as Wedding Photographers in The Lake District we get plenty of rain! After all that is what makes the area so green so we cannot complain. So how do we cope with that? Artificial light from Speedlights (flash guns) and studio style lighting becomes a very important part of the equipment mix. We carry all of that with us to every wedding. If you look through our wedding photography on our websites you will see plenty of examples where we have taken stunning images inside Hotels.

As Lake District Wedding Photographers you may wonder if we cover wedding photography anywhere else? Well we cover Scotland as well.  So please enquire wherever you are planning to get married. We will be delighted to supply a proposal for you.

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