To Pose or not to Pose

To pose or not to pose – that is the question.  Posing carries with it the impression of stiff and starchy photographs, couples being told what to do and feeling very awkward.

It isn’t cool to pose!

That doesn’t mean however that a wedding photograph cannot be improved with a little direction.  And that is where we come in as the Wedding Photographers.  After all a Bride does not want her arms to look twice as big as they actually are. Nor does she want to look wider than she is in real life, in fact she may want to look slimmer.  So there are little things that can be directed by us to help enhance your natural beauty.  Particularly when we are taking those all important intimate photographs of the couple together.

So we might call out to turn this hand, move that arm, gaze into each others eyes in rapture!  Small adjustments can turn an average photograph into a great photograph and a great photograph into a work of art.  That is how we see our work, a desire to produce great photographs and works of art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  There can be a temptation in photography to follow a fashionable trend of the moment but you have to ask yourself will you still be as pleased with your images in 20 years time!  That is where timeless and beautiful photography will always win out because whether you look at your Album in 2017 or 2054 it will still look as good.

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