Schtuff FAQ’s

Q: How can we book Schtuff?

A: Simply get in touch through the website, email, or by phone and we can check availability on your date.  Once we have confirmed the date is available most Couples will come and meet us to discuss in more detail their requirements for the day and look through all our Album, Photobook, DVD and USB options. Only when you are happy with everything will we ask you to reserve your date with the payment of a booking fee which is just £250. The booking fee then comes off the final Collection price.

Q: Who are the photographers?

A: Emma and Vikki shoot all the weddings in The Lake District and Steve shoots the weddings in Scotland.  Steve carries out all the processing work for weddings in The Lake District and Scotland.

Q: Do I have to spend hours on my wedding day having photographs taken of myself?

A:  Depending on the venue and any client requests we ask to spend around 1 hour with bride and groom to work on intimate and romantic portraits away from the guests. We usually take all the formal shots you request about 15 minutes after the Ceremony has finished. We then ask the Bride and Groom to be with us for that hour to get images you will see on our website.

Q: Should I have a second photographer?

A: There are benefits to having a second photographer on some occasions. They can provide an additional edge to the photography from different viewpoints and capture more of the guests enjoyment and candid shots.  They can also help in speeding up the proceedings of the group shots so everyone can spend more time having fun.  They are a really good idea for the larger weddings.

Q: How many pictures do you take and do we get all of them?

A: Depending on your chosen coverage we take hundreds of images to capture the essence and story of your day. Typically on a four hour shoot we provide 300 – 350 and on a full day shoot between 600 – 900.

Q: Will we get charged if we want to print out the pictures ourselves or share them?

A: No, you do not need to worry about copyright. Our Contract gives you the Rights to use the images, including printing.  On the Private Gallery we give you access so you can order prints which are produced at a professional laboratory. If you give the Access Code to your family and guests they can order their own prints directly from the gallery as well. It is entirely up to you.

Q: Can we change what we want in the Collections?

A: Yes. Although we offer 4 standard Collections we recognise that they do not fit everyones requirement so we are very happy to tailor a quote to your specific requirements. Just let us know what they are!

Q: What happens to the pictures after you take them?

A: Post production is a massive part of the photography process and as a guide for every hour spent at a wedding there are two to three more spent making them look as good as they do.  I always aim to ensure your photos are beautiful and timeless. Our aim is to supply you with images that both you and the generations that will follow you will cherish always.

Q: How do we get the album arranged afterwards?

A: After the photographs are finished and uploaded to your private gallery you can mark as favourites which ones you would like to see in your Album. Steve will design an Album for you and then we will invite you back to see us and have a look at a proof version. From that meeting we can then produce the final version. As there are so many options from our Album supplier this is also a good time to finalise what type of cover and type of printing you want.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No. The price for each level of Collection is all inclusive and the price you book at is the price you will pay on your wedding.  The only time additional costs may arise is if your wedding is further afield than the areas covered in the price list or if you would like to upgrade or add extra products like albums and frames.

Q: When will I get my pictures?

A: You’ll have all your digital images around 2 weeks after your wedding.

Q: What if you are ill on the day of our wedding and can’t make it?

A: Don’t worry we have never had this problem. As we are a family of three Wedding Photographers we can cover for each other if required.

Q: How much is the booking fee and when is the balance due?

A: The booking fee is £250.  This secures us for your date and is payable when you decide you want us to reserve the date for you.  It can be paid by Bank Transfer or by Paypal.  The balance for the photography is due a month before and is payable by bank transfer.

Q. How much experience do you have?

A: We have been shooting weddings since 2010 and since that time have won numerous Gold Awards and Highly Commended’s from the SWPP.  Steve also qualified in his first year as a Licentiate Member and achieved a Distinguished qualification from Kendal College.  We are dedicated, professional and full time wedding photographers.  We invest in professional equipment to ensure the best results for you. We have been trained by some of the highest rated wedding photographers in the world.  We are fully insured and should a venue ever require it, copies of my insurance certificates are available on request.


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